Start your Journey for the Successful Weight Loss

Start your Journey for the Successful Weight Loss
weight loss

Start your Journey for the Successful Weight Loss


If you are trying to lose weight quickly, it is likely that you will not succeed. The truth is that a well-established diet program will help you not only lose weight, but also stabilize body weight and maintain it for a long time.
Given the current level of obesity, we can see that the success rate of weight loss is low.
You need a more strategic approach than just eating less.

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At first you have to realize that weight loss is a difficult process and you need to follow basic rules. Some people keep the diet for 14 days and if they do not see the results they will give up right away. I recommend a bit slow down and be patient.

In the weight loss process a simple rule applies. To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than your body burns. This means that when you eat 2700 calories a day and burn 3000, you are in a caloric deficit and it is what you need. If, however, you eat 3000 and burn 2500 calories, you can not lose weight. The best way to reduce weight is to set the right diet and start exercise to achieve a calorie deficit.

Many people start exercise to lose weight and feel that they need to eat more. Instead, I recommend adjusting your diet and setting the right habits, so you can get more out of your calories.


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Each meal has a different energy density. Food such as vegetables, fruits have a low energy density. It means there are few calories in a lot of food, however high energy density means there is a lot of calories in a little food.

I also recommend you drink water. If you follow the right diet and do not lose weight, drinking a sweet drink can be one of the causes.
Avoid all juices and sweetened drinks as there is high content of sugar.

Proteins and healthy fats support a stable blood glucose level and you will eat much less with longer intervals between meals. You should receive these two nutrients from most of your calories.


This does not mean, that you have to exclude certain food.

It is important to eat a balanced and healthy diet without having to reject certain foods.

For example, if you are a buckler, there is nothing wrong with eating more carbohydrates, but if you are trying to lose weight, you should considerably reduce your carbohydrates from your diet.

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The first step to lose weight is diet. Now we look at the next step, which is just as important as a diet.

Exercise will help you increase the number of calories you burned, like running, swimming, cycling, workout, team sports and other activities…

In addition, exercise gives you self-confidence, you will look and feel better. When it comes to choose the right activity, it is a simple idea to do what you enjoy, because you will be able to perform a regular mode and after each training you will feel greatly.

There are two basic types of activity, cardio training and weight (strength) training.

For both types of exercise, you burn calories. The difference is in the fact that during cardio training you burn calories upfront, and during strength training continues to burn calories after training.


Strength training

I always say to people around me that if they want to lose weight or gain muscle, they have to do two things, set the right diet and lift weights.

The aim of strength training is to gain strength and muscle mass. Strength training can be realized not only in the gym, but also at home (if we have enough equipment) or nowadays also outside on outdoor playgrounds. Power training will help you shape your figure.

If you decide to start with strength training, you should never start training without body stretching. Ideal is to exercise a short stretch of body and individual parts, and then include aerobic training such as walking on a running belt or riding a bicycle. Ideally, it will take you 10 to 15 minutes at the optimum heart rate.

It is very important to exercise regularly. I recommend trainings at least twice a week to reach the results. The body starts to be stronger and you will see the changes than. Do not be afraid of exercising more body parts during every training.

For example:

Training twice a week

Monday – legs, shoulders and abs

Thursday – back, chest and hands

Training 3 times a week

Monday – legs and abs

Wednesday – chest and shoulders

Friday – back and hands


In strength training you have two options to exercise. The first option is to use the machines that are available in the gym (or at home) or to do exercises with your own body weight. In generally for beginners it is recommended to train on booster machines. Why? Many “experts” say that you can hurt yourself when exercising with your own body weight. However, I do not want you to dissuade from exercising with your own body weight – rather the opposite! Although it may seem that exercise with your own weight will not have such effects, the opposite is true. Exercise with your own weight is very effective and a great way to shape your body.

It is very often that women do not want to go to the gym and lift the weights. One of the main concerns is the fear of an enormous increase in muscle mass and the fear that the woman will look “like Rambo” with a little exaggeration. It’s not true! Women do not have enough of the necessary hormones to reach a significant muscle mass. There is no reason to worry. Believe that when you squat and lift the dumbbells, the only result is a sexy body.

If you go to the gym for the first time, I recommend you training with a personal trainer who will show you what and how to excesice, because without experience with exercise at the gym, you can easily hurt yourself.


Cardio training

Many people believe that cardio is an effective and guaranteed way to lose weight. Yes, cardio, of course, it is a certainly a tool for burning fat. Many people think that their weight loss is based on logic: a lot of cardio, a little power training and a little diet. But do not be fooled. The ideal combination to achieve great results is a robust diet (affecting weight loss from about 50%), strength training (about 30%) and cardio (about 20%).

Please keep in mind, that any physical activity is better than sitting at home a do nothing.

You can walking with yout dog, running, swimming, lifting, etc. Everything counts!

As cardio we can consider any physical activity which increase the heart rate to 60-75%. The most popular form of cardio training is run. Other activities that can be considered as cardio are swimming, cycling or roller skating, dancing, jumping over rope, and any other activitivies where the heart rate rises to those values. Let’s not forget that cardio also depends on the physical condition of a person – someone can reach 60% of the maximum heart rate only when walking.

There may be a situation where you start sports and you only do cardio training. It is very likely that the body starts to really lose weight and the results will come soon. Your body will become accustomed to this burden and you will have to increase the number of miles at runtime to burn more and more calories. There will be a situation where the body will burn on the contrary less calories than at the beginning. So the training becomes ineffective. Another fact is that in weight loss (cardio only) you will lose muscles, because cardio training does not protect muscle mass.

Weight loss motivation tips


The weight loss journey is long and not every day will be great. Set your own realistic goals. Build a nutritional plan. You can use the services of nutritionists or download my nutrition plan that will help you to lose weight. Start exercise and the results come soon. You only have to be a little patient. Be still optimistic. Remember, it’s more important how you feel than you look. Enjoy every meal you cook, every exercise you do and gradually create a new lifestyle. It is up to you which way you choose.

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