12 Simple Steps to Lose Weight

12 tip to lose weight
lose weight

1. Have a Plan

The first step you should take before you start weight loss is to set a clear plan, strategy and personal goal.

Without a plan, you are at risk of making poor diet decisions like ordering take-out after a long day at work.


2. Reduce Sugar Intake

Very important step in weight loss is to reduce sugars.

This will make you eat less calories.

For energy, your body starts burning stored fats instead of carbohydrates.

Reducing of sugars declines insulin levels and causes your kidneys to eliminate excess sodium and water.

Low carb diet

3. Dont Be Afraid of Fat

Stop worrying about fat. Their income is very important for your body.

Today´s trends in buying low-fat products are undoubtedly bad.

Low-fat products have a higher sugar content.

Try to eat healthy fats, including fish, avocados, nuts, olive and coconut oil, etc…

Fat intake has positive health effects.

Start to lose weight successfully

4. Cook Your Own Meals

Prepare your own meals, you will then have your calories intake under control and not in hands of chefs.

If you prepare your own food, you will save many calories. In a restaurant, food can climb up to over 1000 calories.


5. Listen to Your Body

Learn to listen to your body. If you feel inflamed after some meals, or if you have nausea, dispose of these foods from your diet. This may be an allergy or food intolerance that causes weight grow and weakening of the immune system.

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 6. Create New Lifestyle

Take your diet as your hobby.

Enjoy every meal you cook, enjoy every little change in your weight and when you look into the mirror.

Keeping a healthy diet will become part of your lifestyle.


7. Avoid Sugar Drinks

Fruit juices have a lot of sugar and can play an unsuccessful role in weight reduction attempts.

Try to avoid all juices, drink  water and unsweetened coffee or black tee.

Basic weight loss mistakes.

8. Sleep Well

If you do not have good sleep, your body can not be regenerated well.

Poor sleep reduces the level of ghrelin hormone, which can lead to frequent hunger.

Therefore, it is important to keep sleep mode.


9. Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps minimize the loss of muscle mass, prevents metabolic retardation and increases fat loss.

If you do not exercise during weight loss, you start to lose muscle and metabolism may slow down.

On the other hand, excessive exercise can be counterproductive.

Trying to force your body to burn more calories by exercising too much is neither effective nor healthy.


10. Eat More Protein

Try to eat protein from every meal.

Proteins are essential nutrients and essential for your body.

Protein protects your muscles, reduces appetite, and speeds up your metabolism.

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11. Eat More Fiber

Some studies show that fiber helps increase saturation and control weight in the long term.

The fiber may slow stomach emptying.

Ultimately, it makes us eat less naturally, without thinking about it.

Increase the intake of the fiber carefully to avoid bowel problems.


12. Eat Eggs 

Eggs are good food for weight loss.

Eggs have little calories and high protein content.

One egg contains 6 g of protein and lot of more good nutrients.

Eggs are a good meal for breakfast.


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